Tenova tests hydrogen for steelmaking decarbonisation

Italian energy infrastructure operator Snam is teaming up with technology maker Tenova to decarbonise the steel production process using green hydrogen. The companies will collaborate to test Tenova’s solution fed by green hydrogen at steelmaker’s sites.

“The aim is to bring integrated, turnkey commercial solutions tested at industrial plants to implement a substantial reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions in the metals production process – from melting to processing of half-processed products,” Tenova says in a note. It adds it will contribute its experience in combustion systems for reheating and heating treatment, and in electric arc furnaces. Tenova’s combustion systems can function with either a blend of natural gas and hydrogen or with to 100% hydrogen, Kallanish notes.

Snam will share its hydrogen transport and technology know-how overseeing the integration of Tenova’s solutions across the hydrogen value chain. At the Italian equipment maker’s headquarters in Varese, the two firms will perform tests applying hydrogen solutions to steel production.

Natalia Capra France