Thyssenkrupp develops steel for electric car noise reduction

A sandwich material proprietary to thyssenkrupp Steel is particularly suitable for noise reduction in electric vehicle construction, Kallanish hears from the company.

Although electric motors are quieter than conventional combustion engines, electric powertrains generate noise inside the electric vehicle that people find unpleasant. Thyssenkrupp Steel claims its material named “Bondal” significantly reduces the noise emission of the so-called inverter, which causes high-frequency sound emitted via the cover of the inverter housing. This noise cannot be satisfactorily solved currently with conventional materials, tk Steel explains.

It describes Bondal as a steel-polymer-steel composite with two steel sheets are bonded into a laminate under high contact pressure by a thin, adhesive polymer layer. The material is particularly well suited for components which are excited to vibrate, it says.

Tk Steel notes it is about to convert one of its Bochum plants into a centre of excellence for e-mobility over the next few years. In the field of non-grain-oriented electrical steel it has invested in a new double reversing mill and a new annealing and isolating line. This will make it possible to produce thinner and stronger grades, which are the basis for more powerful electric motors.

Christian Koehl Germany