Thyssenkrupp Materials, CarbonChain to develop emissions tracking tool

Thyssenkrupp Materials Services and CarbonChain have announced a partnership to advance low-carbon procurement with a new carbon traceability and intensity tool.

Tk Materials will enhance its product and carbon “footprinting” capabilities by means of an innovative traceability and carbon intensity tool, powered by CarbonChain’s carbon accounting software. This will be rolled out to customers and suppliers of the company’s distribution units, Materials Eastern Europe and Materials Western Europe.

According to CarbonChain, the tool will use asset-specific emissions factors and activity-based methods, instead of relying on global averages. This allows customers to easily identify lower-carbon materials, CarbonChain explains.

Tk Materials’ product carbon footprint reports will be provided on request, quote or delivery, and detailed emissions breakdowns by lifecycle stage and source. It will identify carbon hotspots and encompass all greenhouse gas emissions from the point of origin till the gate of the customer, Kallanish understands.

Last year, the two companies announced their first cooperation to establish what they called an ecosystem of carbon transparency in eastern Europe. CarbonChain describes itself as a carbon accounting platform using artificial intelligence in order to automate emissions tracking. It is also a member of the ResponsibleSteel movement.

Christian Koehl Germany