Thyssenkrupp Materials Services offers carbon credits

Thyssenkrupp Materials Trading, the trading unit of thyssenkrupp Materials Services, offset its CO2 footprint in the 2021/22 fiscal year with emission reduction certificates, Kallanish hears.

After carrying out its own emission reduction efforts, the remaining 310 tonnes of CO2 emissions will be offset with exclusively high-quality carbon removal credits. Each credit corresponds to 1 tonne of permanently removed atmospheric CO2. Tk Materials Services claims it is the first company in its sector to offer carbon credits.

The measure was preceded by the introduction of the Voluntary Carbon Credits Desk (VCC Desk) in spring 2023. The company’s VCC Desk acts as a central contact point and one-stop shop for emission reduction certificates for the company as well as external customers. The resulting offsetting is relevant for the company’s own carbon footprint as well as for the emissions associated with the customer’s trading products, tk Materials Trading explains.

It notes that it relies on carbon removal credits through innovative technologies. This includes the production of insulating materials from carbon-neutral cellulose fibres from renewable sources and the reduction of CO2 emissions through the recycling of thermal waste. The company adds it is also supporting a large-scale conservation project to restore wetlands, in line with 12 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Christian Koehl Germany