Thyssenkrupp starts electrical steel slitting line in Italy

Thyssenkrupp Steel has commissioned a new slitting line in Motta Visconti, Italy, Kallanish learns from the steelmaker. The line, replacing an existing one that is more than 30 years old, is part of the company’s investment in electric mobility, and enables production of high-efficiency electrical steel for the automotive industry.

The new line can slit up to 500 metres of material per minute, and will allow tk Steel to double production capacity for electrical steel at the Motta Visconti plant. Above all, it is designed to cut very demanding, particularly thin electrical steel – starting from a thickness of 0.20mm. This material is processed further in lamination stamping shops, and ultimately installed in high-performance traction motors for electric vehicles.

The line is able to produce NO25, which, with a thickness of 0.25mm, is characterised by excellent magnetic properties, according to tk Steel. These include a guaranteed magnetisation change loss of just 12.5 W/kg, a core loss that is an important property of electrical steel strip. This is influenced by the sheet thickness, the alloy and the production process of the material. It determines how efficiently a motor utilises electrical energy and converts it into rotational energy.

Christian Koehl Germany