Thyssenkrupp supplies desulphurisation plant to ArcelorMittal Belgium

ArcelorMittal Belgium has awarded thyssenkrupp Uhde an order for a desulphurisation plant to be installed at its Ghent site, Kallanish learns from the plant-building unit of thyssenkrupp group.

The main aim of this brownfield project is to enhance the existing coke oven gas treatment plant with a state-of-the art sulphur removal and recovery unit. The original coke plant was built by tk Uhde 25 years ago, then under the name of Thyssen Still Otto company. Tk Uhde will now install its proprietary process “Cyclasulf”, for desulphurisation, as well as “Monoclaus”, for efficient sulphur recovery.
Cyclasulf removes hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3) from coke oven gas. The acid gas stream is concentrated and prepared for further processing, either to sulphur or sulphuric acid. In Ghent, elemental sulphur will be recovered. Modern mass transfer elements significantly reduce the size of the required equipment, keeping the footprint low. The Monoclaus process for sulphur recovery and ammonia decomposition enables the production of liquid pure sulphur utilising a minimum number of equipment and pipelines.

The new units are planned to go into operation in July 2023.

Christian Koehl Germany