Thyssenkrupp Schulte offers lifecycle assessment for components

Thyssenkrupp Schulte, part of thyssenkrupp Materials Services, has launched an offer to support customers on their way to greater sustainability.

Under the “greenability” label, Germany’s leading distributor in terms of locations has developed two new solutions for analysis and calculation of carbon footprint.

For a fee, the “greenability carbon tracking” variant gives customers full transparency on the carbon footprint of their purchased finished or semi-finished parts and components, Kallanish hears. In the so-called “cradle to gate plus end of life” approach, both the procurement process and the entire supply chain are examined. The data collected is supplemented in a TÜV-certified process with information from licensed databases, the company notes.

Customers who want to go one step further can select the “greenability carbon compensation” option. Here, the calculated CO2 footprint is compensated. For this purpose, the customer selects an independently verified compensation project in which the sum of the consumed CO2 value is invested. The parts and components may subsequently be designated as “climate neutral” and bear the corresponding greenability label, tk Schulte says.

Christian Koehl Germany