Trade unions paint bleak future for Liberty Dudelange

Trade unions in Luxembourg have this week issued a statement to express their concern over the future of the Liberty Dudelange coil galvanising mill.

Earlier this month, Luxembourg authorities decided against extending state support for the temporary layoff scheme at the plant. From April, therefore, all salaries of the workforce will need to be covered by Liberty Steel even if temporary layoffs are applied, Kallanish notes.

Trade unions add that production levels at the mill in March were very low and visibility for April production remains uncertain.

As a consequence of the uncertainty, unions have reiterated their request to the local government to closely follow developments and plan for a new industrial owner to be found for the mill if need be.

Liberty Dudelange operates in close relation with the group’s coil rolling mills in Liege, Belgium.

Liberty Steel did not respond to request for comment before press deadline.

Emanuele Norsa Italy