Tribunal orders Taranto hot-end area closure

The Apulia regional tribunal has given ArcelorMittal Italia 60 days to shut down the hot-end area at the Taranto steelworks due to excessive carbon emissions, Kallanish learns from the tribunal’s ruling and sources at the company.

Explaining its decision, Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale (TAR) Puglia says emissions from the steelworks are “out of control” and present a danger to the lives of the citizens of Taranto.

“In relation to the ruling issued by the TAR of Puglia, ArcelorMittal Italia announces that it will immediately appeal to the Council of State against the closure of the hot area of ​​the Taranto plant,” ArcelorMittal Italia says.

Local authorities and unions who have condemned the tribunal decision have asked Mario Draghi, the new Italian prime mister, for an urgent meeting with all parties in order to speed up the decision-making process.

Meanwhile, steel producers’ association Federacciai has expressed concern over the TAR ruling and says it hopes it will be suspended. “The fear is that such action could stop or slow down the relaunch of the steelworks,” says association president Alessandro Banzato. Environmental improvement works and production recovery are ongoing at the site, he adds.