Turkey initiates dumping investigation on hot-roll imports

Turkey is opening a dumping investigation on hot-rolled flat steel originating from China, India, Japan and Russia, according to Turkey’s Official Gazette announcement on Tuesday.

A dumping investigation concerns imported hot roll falling under numerous items containing customs codes 7208, 7211, 7212 and 7225, Kallanish notes.

The imports from China, India, Japan and Russia, allegedly unfairly sold at low prices, have inflicted significant harm or posed a threat of significant harm to the economic performance of the domestic production sector, according to Turkey’s Ministry of Commerce notice. The domestic complainants are represented by Çolakoğlu Metalurji Ereğli Demir ve Çelik Fabrikaları (Erdemir), İskenderun Demir ve Çelik (Isdemir), Habaş Industrial and Medical Gazlar İstihsal Endüstrisi, and Tosçelik Profil ve Sac Endüstrisi.

The imports from the four nations experienced substantial growth both in terms of quantity and market share from 1 January, 2020, to 30 June, 2023. This surge in imports had a disruptive and depressing effect on the sales prices of Turkish domestic products, the notice alleges.

Furthermore, the Turkish domestic market witnessed a decrease in sales from 1 July, 2022, to 30 June, 2023. This, in turn, had adverse consequences on Turkish domestic production, sales figures, stock levels, stock value, product cash flow and capacity utilisation rate. It resulted in a negative impact on critical economic indicators and unit profitability.

“It may be decided to apply temporary measures during the investigation, and definitive measures may be applied retroactively,” the statement says.

Elina Virchenko UAE