UK launches dumping investigation of steel wire imports from China

The UK government launched an investigation into alleged dumped or subsidized imports of PSC wire and strands of Chinese origin, Department for International Trade/Trade Remedies announced in an official statement Aug. 4.

In a summary of the issues involved in the transitional review, the department said it will consider whether the application of the anti-dumping amount is “necessary or sufficient to offset dumping of the relevant goods in the UK market.”

It will also assess whether “injury to the UK industry in the relevant goods would occur if the anti-dumping amount were no longer applied to those goods.”

According to case’s public file, goods subject to the investigation include none plated or non coated wire on non-alloy steel, wire of non-allow steel plated or coated with zinc, stranded wire of non-alloy steel whether or not plated or coated with not more than 18 wires, containing by weight 0.6% or more carbon, with a maximum cross sectional exceeding 3 mm.

The department added that galvanized seven wire strands in which the diameter of the central wire is identical to or less than 3% greater than the diameter of any of the 6 other wires will not be subjected to the review.

Interested parties are encouraged to register their interest regarding the outcome of the case via the Trade Remedies Service by no later than Aug. 14.

According to the UK Trade Remedies department, entities that have registered will be able to receive updates on the investigation as well as submit evidence to assist the department in possible recommendations to import tariff changes.

The department specified any interested party may include China, any overseas exporter or importer of the goods subject to review and any trade or business association of overseas producers, exporters or importers of the goods subject to review.

On the UK side, this may also include any producer of the specified goods in the UK and any trade or business association of UK producers of the like goods.

— Amanda Flint