UK proposes to extend safeguards on ten products

The UK government has issued its proposal on the future of steel safeguard measures, which are scheduled to expire at the end of June. The measures are set to be extended for some products, Kallanish notes.

According to the proposal, ten products will see safeguard measures extended for a further three years, with a relaxation applied each year. A duty of 25% will be applied on imports beyond the allocated quotas for these products.

For the remaining nine product categories included in the original UK safeguard measures, the government proposes revoking limitations “as there is no UK production or there has been no increase in imports found, no significant increase in imports, no serious injury, or, in one category, extension would not meet the Economic Interest Test”.

Among the products that will see measures revoked are 4b metallic coated sheets, non-alloyed merchant bar and light sections, rails, non-alloy wire rod and large welded tube.

A proposal from the European Commission on the future of EU safeguard measures is expected soon, possibly by the end of May (see related article).

Emanuele Norsa Italy