UK Steel welcomes hot-rolled flat steel anti-dumping, countervailing measures’ extension to 2027

  • Anti-dumping, countervailing measures on Chinese HRC imports maintained through April 2027
  • Anti-dumping measures on Brazilian, Iranian, Russian imports maintained through October 2027
  • Association supports termination of measure on Ukrainian imports

The UK steel sector welcomes the continuation of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures on hot-rolled flat steel imports into the UK until 2027 and supports the termination of the measure on imports from Ukraine, the UK Steel Association told S&P Global Commodity Insights on Aug. 31.

The UK government accepted the Trade Remedies Authority’s final recommendation to keep the anti-dumping and countervailing measures on hot-rolled flat and coil steel from China until April 7, 2027, and to keep the anti-dumping measure on imports from Brazil, Iran and Russia until Oct. 7, 2027. The UK’s export ban on all imports from Russia due to the war in Ukraine also has been extended to hot-rolled flat and coil steel.

“China, Russia, Brazil and Iran all have steel sectors that are multiple times the size of the UK steel industry, with huge amounts of spare capacity and with considerable state intervention in many of these markets,” a UK Steel spokesperson said. “It is no coincidence that the EU, the US, Canada, Thailand, Mexico and Indonesia all have measures in place on some or all of these countries, which would further increase the risk to the UK as a result of trade diversion.”

The UK government also welcomed the TRA’s recommendation that anti-dumping measures on imports from Ukraine should be revoked. The TRA concluded that dumping of products from Ukraine was unlikely to recur due to reduction in Ukraine’s production capacity and limits on the ability to export caused by the war with Russia. The TRA also took into account Ukraine’s requirement to rebuild steel production facilities and domestic demand for steel to rebuild the country’s infrastructure.