UK to maintain HRC trade barriers until 2027

The UK government confirmed this week that it will maintain the existing anti-dumping and countervailing measures on imports of HRC from China, Brazil, Iran and Russia at least until 2027.

Kallanish understands that the decision of the government follows the reccomendation of the local Trade Remedies Authority (TRA).

As a result, AD and countervailing measures against Chinese HRC will remain in place until 7 April 2027. AD duties against Russian, Brazilian and Iranian HRC will continue until 7 October 2027.

The government noted, also, that the existing ban on all imports from Russia remains in place and includes HRC. Similarly it confirmed the decision to revoke trade barriers on imports of Ukrainian HRC as “dumping of products from Ukraine was unlikely to recur, due to reduction in Ukraine’s production capacity and limits on the ability to export caused by the war with Russia.”

Emanuele Norsa Italy