Ukraine decreases flats exports, longs shipments surge

Ukraine decreased flat-rolled exports in October compared with the previous month, according to national customs data.

Total volume delivered amounted to 103,720 tonnes, down by 34.7% on-month, but was up 74.4% on October 2022, Kallanish notes. In monetary terms, flat products exports fell 34% on-month but were 54.7% higher on-year at $62.8 million.

January-October exports were 889,120t, down by 42% on-year. The value of flat product exports amounted to $610.2m, down 52.6%.

Ten-month uncoated hot rolled coil exports reached 675,100t for $441.6m. In October alone, the country shipped 83,470t, down by 34% on-month, at a value of $48m, down 35%. It shipped 166,400t of cold rolled coil in January-October, up 22% on-month, with income at $113m, up 15%. In October alone it shipped 15,750t, down by 45.8% on-month for $10.46m, less by 41.7%.

The largest consumers of Ukrainian HRC in January-October were Poland with a 30.3% share, Bulgaria with 17% and Portugal with 8.6%. Those three countries together consumed about 60% of CRC. The main buyers of Ukrainian coated rolled products were Poland (74.4%) and Romania (20.1%).

October long-rolled metal exports increased by 3.4% on-month, but fell 54.4% on-year to 41,820t. Revenue from exports was higher by 4% on-month, but 60% less on-year at $29.8m. In January-October, Ukraine exported 428,340t, down by 35.3% on-year. Revenue amounted to $327.8m, down 48.8%.

Ten-month exports of hot-rolled bars and bars in coil were up 18.3% on-month to 173,800t for $110.3m. In October alone, 18,450t were shipped, an increase of 51% on-month. Revenue was $10.6m, up 45% on-month.

The largest consumers of Ukrainian hot-rolled bars in January-October were Poland with a 38.5% share and Germany with 20.6%. Both countries combined consumed about 60% of Ukrainian wire. Among the main buyers of other bars and bars were Moldova (24%) and Iraq (29.4%).

Ukraine saw October crude steel output increase by 80% on-year to 572,000t. In January-October, however, production was 5.16 million tonnes, down 11.7% on-year.

Svetoslav Abrossimov Bulgaria