Ukraine decreases flats, longs exports in 2023

Ukraine decreased flat steel exports in December compared with the previous month, according to national customs data.

Total volume delivered amounted to 182,490 tonnes, up by 40% on-month and four-fold on December 2022, Kallanish notes. In monetary terms, flat product exports increased by 25.7% on-month and over three-fold on-year to $95.84 million.

In full-year 2023, exports were 1.2 million tonnes, down by 26.4% on-year. The value of flats exports amounted to $782.3m, down 42.2%.

12-month uncoated hot rolled coil exports reached 941,910t for $582.6m. In December alone, the country shipped 158,000t, up by 45.2% on-month, at a value of $81m, more by 34.8%.

It shipped 200,200t of cold rolled coil in January-December, up 42% on-month, with income at $132m, up 28%. In December alone it shipped 19,120t, up by 30% on-month.

The largest consumers of Ukrainian HRC in January-December were Poland with a 41.7% share, Bulgaria with 18.6% and Portugal with 7.3%. Those three countries also together consumed about 60% of CRC. The main buyers of Ukrainian coated flats were Poland (74.6%) and Romania (20%).

December longs exports meanwhile increased by 15.3% on-month and 59.4% on-year to 51,140t. Revenue from exports was higher by 18.7% on-month and 51.4% on-year at $36.5m. In January-December, Ukraine exported 523,840t, down 31.4% on-year. Revenue amounted to $395m, down 45%.

12-month exports of hot-rolled bars and bars in coil were up 19.7% on-month to 209,970t for $131.4m. In December alone, 21,970t were shipped, an increase of 54.4% on-month. Revenue was $12.87m, up 56.3% on-month.

The largest consumers of Ukrainian hot-rolled bars in January-December were Romania with a 37.5% share and Poland with 32.2%. Poland and Germany combined consumed about 60% of Ukrainian wire. Among the main buyers of other bars and bars were Moldova (24.1%) and Iraq (22.8%).

In 2023, Ukrainian steelmakers produced 6.23mt of steel, down 0.6% on-year. Pig iron output was also less by 6.1% to 6.23mt, but rolled products increased by 0.4% to 5.37mt (see Kallanish passim).

Svetoslav Abrossimov Bulgaria