Ukraine war impact slashes Italian mills’ output

Long steel producer Pittini Group is idling its three facilities again this week, in Osoppo near Udine, Verona and Potenza, Kallanish learns from trade unions. This follows the initial stoppage and then resumption of activities on 2 March.

The repeated idling is caused by skyrocketing energy costs and difficulty in procuring raw materials, such as ferroalloys and hot-briquetted iron, as a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Both the hot-end area and re-rolling facilities are affected by the production halt this time, with temporary layoffs also taking place, a source close to the company confirms.

Meanwhile, other rebar and specialty steel producers are suspending production a few days per week, either reducing shifts from three to one per day or resorting to producing at weekends when energy costs are lower.

Pittini employs around 1,800 workers and has a yearly production capacity of approximately 3 million tonnes across 18 production and logistic facilities. In Italy, the group includes Ferriere Nord, Acciaierie di Verona, Siderpotenza, Pittarc, La Veneta Reti and Siat.

Natalia Capra France