Ukrainian suppliers near EU quota exhaustion

Ukrainian steel companies have almost exhausted their current round of EU supply quotas for some products, show national metals association Ukrmetallurgprom data. The new quotas are from 1 July 2020-31 June 2021.

Ukrainian rebar shipments to the EU have amounted to 40,400 tonnes, fulfilling 98.67% of the 40,900t quota, Kallanish notes.

As of 30 September, Ukraine had exhausted 97.44% of its quota for seamless stainless steel pipes, supplying 3,300t versus the available 3.400t.

The supply of unalloyed wire to the EU reached 98.12% of the quota, with deliveries of 17,200t form the available 17,500t.

As of 1 July, all individual EU quotas are distributed not on an annual basis, but on a quarterly basis, Ukrmetallurgprom reminds.

The quarterly system for issuing country quotas will operate for a year. After the quota is exhausted, further imports are subject to a 25% duty.