Uncertainty continues at Liberty’s Luxembourg unit

Luxembourg authorities stressed last week that they hope to see a new owner for Liberty Steel’s Dudelange assets, mirroring the concerns expressed by trade unions over recent months.

Liberty Steel controls the hot-dip galvanizing lines of Luxembourg-based Dudelange, which is strongly connected to the group’s Liege units in Belgium. Earlier this month, a Belgian court ordered the Liberty Steel Liege assets to be put into administration. The company said it is appealing this ruling (see Kallanish passim).

In an official release, Liberty Steel confirmed that the issues affecting the Liege plants should not impact the Dudelange unit. In a meeting with trade unions in Luxembourg last week, the management of the company added that they are working to find alternative solutions for the supply of raw materials for the Dudelange lines. This could include Liberty’s plants in Piombino and Skopje, trade unions explain.

Luxembourg economy and labour minister Georges Engel nevertheless confirmed on national television that authorities share the concerns of the trade unions over the future of the Luxembourg plants. He added they are actively working to identify a potential new owner for Liberty Steel Dudelange.

Liberty Steel Dudelange has two electro-galvanising lines and two hot-dipped galvanising lines.

Emanuele Norsa Italy