US, EU steelmakers form carbon reduction coalition

A coalition of steelmakers in the US and EU has formed in order to urge authorities to adopt more rigorous carbon emissions standards for steel production, Kallanish understands.

The Global Steel Climate Council (GSCC) consists of several leading steel manufacturers and groups throughout both the US and EU including Nucor, Steel Dynamics, Celsa Group, and the Steel Manufacturers Association.

“We have the technology to reduce carbon emissions in steel production by 70% today. The global industry needs to build on the innovation that has already led to cleaner steel production in the United States because the green and digital economies around the world are going to be built with steel, and the steel they are built with matters,” says Nucor chief executive Leon Topalian.

According to the GSCC, the new emissions standards negotiated between the US and EU should focus on the amount of carbon emissions being generated through steel production processes, rather than being based on how steel is being made. The coalition boasts that over 70% of US and 40% of EU steel is made using electric arc furnaces from recycled scrap.

“The GSCC single standard will encourage all producers to reduce their carbon emissions and create a level playing field for all manufacturers. The US-EU negotiations should not create a double standard and a slippery slope toward a dirtier environment. We can do better,” adds Steel Manufacturers Association president Philip Bell.

Zach Johnson USA