US Steel Košice looks for EU, government funding to decarbonize Slovakian plant

US Steel Košice, the largest Slovakian steel plant, plans to invest an estimated Eur1 billion in its mill to make the company more sustainable, a company spokesperson confirmed March 2.

“This is part of the decarbonization plan, and the implementation of this intention will depend on the approval of the relevant institution of EC, and the full support of the government of the Slovak Republic and the readiness of the energy infrastructure for the operation of the new technology,” the spokesperson said.

The new investment will not increase the company’s output. As reported in the local press, the investment is aimed at modernizing the steel production process, its casting and rolling into coils, while reducing energy and raw material intensity and securing the sustainability of production.

According to the company website, U.S. Steel Košice produces 4.5 million mt of crude steel annually and finished products for applications in the automotive, packaging, electrotechnical, consumer goods and building industries.

The Slovakian government did not reply to Platts when contacted for a comment.

— Annalisa Villa