Van Leeuwen cashes in on shortages in 2021

Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group says it achieved excellent sales and net profit figures in 2021, positively influenced by improving market demand and higher sales prices.

When disruptions in the global supply chain led to material shortages during the year, the Dutch tubes distributor was able to continue to supply customers thanks to a strong inventory and sourcing network, it says. Revenue amounted to €1,431 million ($1,547m), after €1,178m in 2020. The operating result came to €79m, up from €15m, and net result rose to €64m from previously €9m.

At the beginning of 2021, economic conditions were more favourable than expected, Kallanish hears from the company. The recovering economy then led to major supply disruptions and material shortages, while prices and delivery times increased rapidly. After the summer, shortages diminished, and the company even observed a minor price decrease for welded pipe. Due to very rapidly increasing energy prices, prices however later increased again, especially for seamless pipe, Van Leeuwen reports.

Van Leeuwen says it also profited from the extra strength it gained with the acquisition of Benteler Distribution at the end of 2019.

Christian Koehl Germany