Waelzholz sources Tata’s ‘Zeremis’ HRC

Waelzholz and Tata Steel Nederland have signed an agreement for the supply of Tata’s Zeremis Carbon Lite brand of low-emission hot-rolled steel strip.

In order to achieve its climate targets, German cold-roller Waelzholz signed agreements last year with Salzgitter, ArcelorMittal and thyssenkrupp Steel to procure carbon-reduced strip.

“Initially, we will receive material with a carbon footprint that is up to 30% lower,” says Waelzholz head of purchasing Marcus Englberger. “The first deliveries of the low-emission hot-rolled steel strip are already planned for the current year.”

According to Waelzholz manager Matthias Gierse, 90% of the product carbon footprint is attributable to Scope 3 emissions that come from the upstream supply chain. “That’s why the procurement of low-emission hot-rolled steel strip and partnerships like this are extremely important to us,” he says.

Waelzholz has been able to offer products with a reduced carbon footprint, compared to the reference year 2018, since the end of 2023. Customers can freely scale the level of emissions reduction in absolute or percentage terms, Kallanish hears from the German company.

Christian Koehl Germany