ArcelorMittal changes management team in Italy

ArcelorMittal Italia has instigated a new round of changes in its senior management team, Kallanish notes. Most of the senior posts at the company are now held by Italian nationals.

Following the swift change of ceo in autumn 2019 (see Kallanish 16 October 2019), the company has replaced its chief operations officer Stefan Van Campe with Loris Pascucci. The company h s also named Domenico Ponzio as the new chief purchasing officer.

The changes have been seen by many in the Italian market as confirmation that the new ceo Lucia Morselli is trying to build up a team of executives more closely linked to the Italian market. Some sources are suggesting however that the changes could be a sign that ArcelorMittal is accelerating its retreat from Italy.

ArcelorMittal and the Italian government are still in negotiations to find a solution for the former Ilva operations in the coming days. It is understood the Italian government will take an important role in the future relaunch of the company, but a final agreement on the new organisation is taking longer than was originally expected.