ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions tops Polish distributors’ ranking

ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions Polska stormed into first place in the Polish Union of Steel Distributors (PUDS) ranking of top-performing Polish steel distributors in 2018, Kallanish notes. This was the first time since 2010 that ArcelorMittal’s distribution arm participated in the ranking.

The firm sold 1.24 million tonnes of steel in 2018, almost double the volume of its nearest rival, Konsorcjum Stali. It also came top in revenue terms, clocking PLN 3.64 billion ($927.9 million), but it did not provide profit figures.

Konsorcjum Stali dropped down one place to second despite an 8% on-year increase in shipments to 689,000t. It was also second in revenue and net profit terms, recording PLN 1.82 billion and PLN 42.4m respectively, up 20% and flat on-year.

Down one place to third in tonnage terms was Bowim despite a 12% rise to 508,000t. It was also down one place to fourth in revenue with PLN 1.36 billion, up 21%, but up one place to sixth in net profit with PLN 11.4m, down -39%.

Stalprofil remained in fourth in tonnage terms with 391,000t, up 23%. It dropped one place to fifth in revenue terms despite a 28% surge to PLN 1.3 billion, but rose two places to third in net profit with PLN 34.4m, up 41%.

Grupa Pruszynski fell one place to fifth in tonnage terms with 295,000t, up 40%, and fell one place to third in revenue with PLN 1.69 billion, up 32%. However, as last year, it topped the net profit table with PLN 73.3m, up 8%.

Notably, Balex Metal and Serwistal came fourth and fifth respectively in terms of net profit with PLN 23.4m and PLN 15.4m.