Contribution of Steel Distribution & SSC to the value chain of steel

EUROMETAL is proud to announce, that it has finalized a new White Paper regarding the contribution of steel distribution, SSC & Trade to the value chain of steel.

This new EUROMETAL White Paper is based on contributions by external experts, senior professionals of steel distribution, SSC & Trade, comments received during EUROMETAL regional meetings and by market research done by EUROMETAL management.

The White paper encompasses 64 chart pages and divides into following chapters:

– The Systemic position of Steel Distribution & SSC in the Steel Value Chain

– The Many Aspects of Product & Service Offer by Steel Distribution and SSC

– The Key Role of Customer Experience in  Steel Distribution & SSC

– Contributing Customized Logistics to Steel End Users

– The Impact of Digitalization and Industry 4.0.

– An Outlook on Steel Distribution & SSC Business Models to Create Steel Value

– The Challenges of Pricing for Value

– Other Challenges, Issues and Questions Marks facing the Future of Steel Distribution, SSC and Trade

EUROMETAL members may download the White Paper at the member login area “Knowledge Center“.

Non members may access the White Paper by going to the e-bookshop.