EU “other countries” quotas now accessible to all

As of April 1, 2019, the European Commission’s steel import quotas for “other countries” have become accessible to all countries, while the unused quotas of “other countries” for the February 2-March 31 period have also become accessible to all countries which have used up their own quotas for the period

Accordingly “other countries” import quotas, for the period between April 1 and June 30, stand at 133,000 mt for rebar, at 74,518 mt for wire rod, at 76,708 mt for metallic coated sheet (section 4b) for automotive steel, and at 465,089 mt for metallic coated sheet (section 4a), and at 26,311 mt for organic coated sheet.

Given that Turkey exhausted its wire rod and rebar quotas very quickly after they came into effect on February 2, the country is now expected to try to obtain a share of the quotas for “other countries”.

According to the latest EU data, there is 9,272 mt of rebar waiting at customs, most of which is believed to be of Turkish origin, while there is 8,030 mt of metallic coated sheet (section 4b) waiting at customs with China likely to use up the quotas of “other countries” for this product quickly.

Steel import quotas for “other countries” for certain products for the April 1-June 30 period are as follows: