Eurometal membership extends to the Baltics

One of the main Estonian steel distribution groups has joined the ranks of EUROMETAL, the EU steel distributors’ and traders’ association.

The new members are RGR Metall, based in Tallin, Estonia, and sister company RGR Airon, based in Maardu, Estonia.

EUROMETAL provides services to 1,600 affiliates and member companies in the European Union.

EU steel distribution accounts at the moment for 77 million metric tons/year of steel supplies to more than a million steel end-users in the EU, the association noted.

Georges Kirps, EUROMETAL’s general director, pointed out that steel consumption in the Baltic states is among the fastest growing in the EU. This move enlarges the presence of EUROMETAL to 23 EU member states.

Annalisa Villa, PLATTS