French steel exports increase again

French steel exports increased again in August after having surged in the previous month, Kallanish learns from new data released by national steel association Fédération Française de l’Acier (FFA).

French exports of flat and long steel to countries outside the EU28 rose by 14.2% year-on-year in August to 137,000 tonnes. Flats’ exports increased by 25% to 125,000t compared to 100,000t in August 2018. Longs’ exports however plummeted by -40% to 12,000t, compared to 20,000t in August 2018, the association reveals.

Over January-August this year French long and flat product exports to non-EU countries upticked on-year by 2.1% to 149,000 tonnes/month. Flats’ exports increased by +4.9% to 129,000 t/month, from 122,000 t/month in January-August 2018. Longs exports’ fell by -13% to 20,000 t/month, from 23,000 t/month on the same comparison.

Exports of both long and flat products had also fallen by -21% on-year in full-year 2018, the FFA says.