Knauf Interfer sources green steel from tk Hohenlimburg

Knauf Interfer Cold Rolling and thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg have signed a memorandum of understanding on the purchase of CO2 -reduced steels, Kallanish hears from the companies.

Knauf Interfer Cold Rolling is a cold-rolling unit of the larger Knauf Interfer Group, Germany’s third-largest steel distributor/processor company. As a first step starting this year, tk Hohenlimburg will supply steels with a lower CO2 footprint by using recycled scrap (Bluemint Recycled). From the end of 2026, Knauf Interfer will also purchase steels from the Bluemint Steel product family, which will be produced using the direct reduction process with the aid of green hydrogen.

Thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg makes hot-rolled special steel strip, so-called Hohenlimburg medium strip, manufactured in widths of up to 720mm and thicknesses of 1.5-16mm. It is used as input for the cold-rolling industry, as well as in direct processing, primarily in the automotive supply industry. Hohenlimburg is a district of Hagen, where most independent cold-rollers are located.

The memorandum comes in addition to an agreement signed in June between the larger groups, Knauf Interfer and thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, for the purchase of CO2-reduced steels. That agreement concerned the group’s units Knauf Interfer Stahl Service Centre, Knauf Interfer Automotive Blanks, and also Knauf Interfer Cold Rolling.

Christian Koehl Germany