Network Steel boosts output at pre-painted, pickling plants

Spain’s Network Steel is curently boosting output through investments at its pickling mill in Todoaceros and its pre-painted line, Aranda Coated Solutions.

At Todoaceros the group is investing €3 million ($3.34m) in new environmentally-sustainable pickling equipment, Kallanish notes. The new investment will also improve capacity at the plant, raising it at some 80,000 tonnes/year as from September, when the investment will be completed.

At Aranda Coated Solutions (ACS) the group is also boosting output this year by operating four shifts. The plant is equipped to produce up to 100,000 t/y of prepainted coils and this year output should surpass 80,000 t/y.

The increase in output is supported by better demand for pre-painted coils in Spain arising from the construction sector. In July ACS together with the mill’s other pre-painted facility, Santander Coated Solutions, produced more than 20,000 tonnes of pre-painted coils, beating previous output records by the group.