Rhenus builds ‘Green Steel Logistics Hub’ in Dortmund

German logistics group Rhenus is setting up what it calls a “Green Steel Logistics Hub” at its business site in Dortmund, Kallanish learns from the company.

The warehouse is likely to start operating in autumn 2024, with the aim of transporting steel in a manner that is as eco-friendly as possible, Rhenus says. It will use the facility to appeal mainly to companies that produce, handle and further process steel.

The company is currently making changes to make its logistics processes more sustainable. For the transhipment hub, it is modernising one of its existing warehouses.

The measures include a new roof and the installation of a solar panel unit, which covers an area of about 4,000 square metres. The electricity that is generated will supply the energy for the crane equipment, the building itself as well as the charging infrastructure for electric trucks.

Rhenus says it will primarily cater for the rolled and flat steel market in the Dortmund region and the eastern Ruhr valley. The trimodal terminal at the Mathieshafen port facility in Dortmund provides good connections to motorways and waterways at important intersections in the heart of the Ruhr valley, it says.

Rhenus notes it is also seeking to introduce an inland waterway fleet that reduces emissions even further.

Christian Koehl Germany