Schoeller Werk acquires speciality tubes firm

German stainless tube maker Schoeller Werk has acquired AK Feinrohr, which specialises in the production of cold redrawn precision tubes, Kallanishlearns from Schoeller.

AK Feinrohr, based in Thuringia, is a manufacturer of welded and cold redrawn precision tubes and sections made of rust-resistant, acid-resistant and heat-resistant steels. It has been trading since 1982 and has 130 employees. Around 2,000 tonnes of stainless steel are processed every year, representing a turnover of €13.5 million ($15.0m) in 2018. 

In spring last year, Schoeller Werk, based in Hellenthal, close to Belgium, launched a programme for further expanding and safeguarding the company’s market position over the long term. “We are focusing on comprehensive measures for increased efficiency, together with a further development of our product range and the opening up of new target sectors,” says Schoeller’s managing director Frank Poschen. “One of the first measures to strengthen the group’s market position in its core sector of welded stainless steel tubes was the acquisition of AK Feinrohr.”

The newly-acquired firm will continue to operate under the name of Schoeller Feinrohr with Markus Zübert remaining as managing director. Schoeller Werke employs more than 1,000 people at its main site, but earlier this year announced that it would reduce personnel by 25% at the site to remain competitive. The site produces some 90 million metres of stainless tube each year.