Steel Mont Düsseldorf is a new member of EUROMETAL

Steel Mont GmbH is a global trading and logistics organization having its core activities as international trading, trade-finance and project finance of various products and industries.

The company is certified as per Quality Management Systems ISO 9001-2008.

Steel Mont GmbH has its global presence through its appointed agents in the UK, Ukraine, UAE, India, Italy, Turkey and Russia. This enables them to have first hand information of the global markets on a real time basis.

Steel Mont has experience in the trading business with primary interest in steel, Ferro-alloys, construction materials, coal, coke, coking coal, chemicals, mineral ores, fertilizers, agricultural commodities and mining and metallurgical equipment.

Adersstrasse 59
40215 Dusseldorf

Phone:   +49 211 909 828 40
Fax:   +49 211 909 828 41