Sülzle launches new bending service in Thuringia

German steel distribution group Sülzle Stahlpartner in May is now offering rebar bending services at its branch in Ehrenfriedersdorf near Chemnitz in Thuringia.

The start-up of the bending shop is actually a re-start, after bending services were halted and the equipment sold in 2012, Kallanish learns from a local manager. The 60-year old distribution company was still part of the Remax group at that time, but was taken over by Sülzle early last year. Apart from selling end bending rebar, Ehrenfriedersdorf also offers beams and sections for construction. It employs a staff of 80 people.

For Sülzle group, headquartered in Rosenfeld, southwestern Germany, it is the 16th bending facility in its ever-growing chain of stockholding distributors, mainly for rebar.