Turkey revises import duties on certain products

Turkey has updated import duties on some steel products, effective 1 January 2020, Kallanish notes.

The gradual reduction of import duties on steel products from South Korea has ended and all steel products imported from this country are now subject to zero duty.

The import duty reduction on cold rolled coil for Turkish producers of white goods, galvanized and pre-painted sheet (PPGI), in force since the beginning of 2019, has been removed for galv and PPGI producers. The current import duty on CRC stands at 10% for galvanized and PPGI producers, and 7% for white good producers.

Welded pipe producers that produce from hot rolled coil are now able to import HRC with HS code 720838009019 at 6% duty instead of 9%.

Import duty on stainless steel CRC under HS codes 721931000000, 721932100000, 721932900000, 721933100000, 721933900000, 721934100000, 721934900000, 721935100000, 721935900000, 721990200000, 722020210011, 722020290011, 722020410011, 722020490011, 722020810011 and 722020890011 has been increased from 10% to 12%.

Import duty on rebar, which was raised to 30% from 10% in April 2019, continues at 30%.

The 2% import duty on pig iron under HS codes 720110110000 and 720110300000 has been removed, while on pig iron with HS code 720110190000 it has remained at 2%.

The 2.7% duty on imports of ferromanganese under HS codes 72021120 and 72021180 has been removed.