Ukraine issues AD duties on China-origin coated steel

Ukraine has imposed final anti-dumping measures on imported rolled carbon steel with coatings originating from China. The duties are set to take effect on 12 August, Kallanish notes.

The decision followed an investigation initiated by the Ukraine’s Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade in response to a complaint from local producer Modul-Ukraine.

The measures are aimed at addressing the issue of dumped imports from China, protecting Modul-Ukraine and Heavy Metal. The two producers collectively account for over 50% of the nation’s overall production of similar goods.

A definitive anti-dumping duty imposed on China-origin flat rolled products of carbon steel, clad with galvanic or other coating, classified in product subheadings 7210 70, 7210 90 and 7212 40. The duty  has been applied for a period of five years.

The final anti-dumping rates were assigned: Zhejiang Huada New Materials Co, 42.53%; Shandong Hwafone New Materials Co, 30.76%; Shandong Iron & Steel Group Jiangsu Trading Co (for export of goods from Shandong Hwafone New Materials Co), 30.76%; Shandong Huijing Color Steel Co, 48.14%; Ebic Supply Chain Management Co (for export of goods from Shandong Huijing Color Steel Co), 48.14%; Welfull Group Co, 40.53%; Shandong Lantian New Material Technology Co, 41.36%; Shandong Castle International Trade Co (for export of goods from Shandong Lantian New Material Technology Co), 41.36%; Fareast Steel International Limited, 38.70%; Qingdao Honesteel Metal Co, 38.70%; Qingdao Jobofone International Trade Co, 38.70%; Shandong Boxing Huaye Industry and Trade Co, 38.70%. Other producers and exporters of goods originating from China will receive a rate of 48.14%.

Elina Virchenko UAE

Summer demand slump downs Turkey’s coated steel prices

Turkey’s coated flat steel market experienced reduced activity on Monday, with prices slightly down due to sluggish demand both domestically and in export markets amid the ongoing holiday season, market participants inform Kallanish.

Availability of September-shipment coated steel from domestic mills exerted some pressure on prices. However, this situation was anticipated and therefore the impact on prices was limited.

On exports, some producers expected increased demand for Turkey-origin coated steel from Ukraine, whose buyers will use this to substitute for China-origin supply after Ukraine imposed a definitive anti-dumping duty on Chinese product effective 12 August.

Turkish domestic prices

Product Price, ex-works, cash W-o-w change, $/t
CRC 1 mm $760-800/t  -20/+10
HDG 0.50mm Z60 $830-855/t  0/-15
HDG 0.50mm Z100 $830-875/t  0/-15
PPGI 0.50mm Ral 9002 5+15 $925-980/t  0/-10
HDG 2.00mm Z60 $760-800/t  -10-15

Source: Kallanish market survey

Elina Virchenko UAE